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Dr. Rob Weale – PhD Music Technology (composition & musicology), BA (Hons) First Class, CMALT, AISTD

Current Employment: ELT (Enhanced Learning Technologies) Project Officer / eLearning Coordinator for the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Centre for Enhancing Learning Through Technology (CELT)
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK LE19BH


How I arrived at this point . . .

I began my undergraduate studies at De Montfort University, Leicester in 1998 following a successful 10 year career as a professional dancer.

In June 2001 I gained a First Class BA (Hons.) degree in Music Technology and English.

During my undergraduate studies I became interested in electroacoustic composition, both creatively and intellectually; this intellectual interest being focused towards the ‘listening experience’ in electroacoustic music. This interest led me into postgraduate study, resulting in the development of my doctoral thesis ‘The Intention/Reception Project: Investigating the Relationship Between Composer Intention and Listener Response in Electroacoustic Compositions’ – awarded in August 2005.

PDF Version of an article that offers an introduction to the Intention/Reception Project, outlining its background, its context and presenting pertinent points concerning the design and operation of its methodology. This article also includes the first presentation of test data that formed the basis of the conclusions of ‘The Intention/Reception Project’.

I taught for 10 years on the undergraduate Music, Technology and Innovation (MTI) programme, was a member of the MTI Research group, and a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Creative Technologies. I continue to support and contribute to MTI research projects on a voluntary basis.

A deeper interest in pedagogy, particularly the utilisation of technology to enhance pedagogy emerged during my teaching years and was further reinforced by some of my postdoctoral work – such as the EARS projects [EARS | EARS2], and my time as a Teacher Fellow in the Centre for Excellence in the Performing Arts at De Montfort University. This interest eventually lead to my current working role in the field of Enhancing Learning through Technology.


Current/Past Projects and similar stuff (aka. output)

•  2018 – Conceptualised and launched a collaborative pilot project to explore the potential of using online scenarios via a co-created approach across an undergraduate midwifery programme

•  2018 – Developed interactive classroom-based resource, based on the Blockbuster TV quiz, for a active knowledge checking

•  2018 – Developed and delivered academic staff training and development session on the use of interactive online scenarios for teaching, learning and assessment

•  2018 – Developed and delivered academic staff training and development session on Flipped Classroom practice

•  2018 – Developed online asessment feedforward toolkit for students

•  2018 – Developed prototype scenario-based learning resource for biomedial science

•  2018 – Supervised two work exprience students for a week long placement

•  2017 – Co-developed a prototype scenario-based learning resource about collecting data in a data sheet and interpreting the data

•  2017 – Consulted on web design for the Institute of Education Futures site.

•  2017 – Developed online induction materials for new Health and Life Sciences Staff in the use of technologies for teaching and learning.

•  2016 – Supported academic staff in the development of the DMU Placement hub. A web-based information resource for Health and Life Sciences placement providers and students.

•  2016 – On the institutional implementation team for DMU Replay – a technology facilitated approach to the use of digital multimedia, with a focus on classroom lecture and presentation capture that was rolled out across the undergraduate and postgraduate curricular.

• 2016 – Development of an online resource to support the academic implementation of Universal Design for Learning via technology.

• 2016 – On the instutional development team for the implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) across the undergraduate and postgraduate curricuar.

•  2015 – Project managed the successfull procurement and implementation of Blackboard Collaborate as part of De Montfort University’s core online teaching, learning and assessment infrastructure.

•  2013 – Contributed to the writing of a successful, De Montfort University, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences tender for a Learning Beyond Registration education contract with Health Education East Midlands. Specifically, drafted elements of the bid that concerned eLearning provision.

•  2013 – Further development, and implementation of the guided listening prototype (see also 2009 below) for inclusion in the EARS 2 project

•  2013 – Development of ‘The CELT Hub‘ – a comprehensive online ELT support hub for De Montfort University

•  2013 – Collaborative development and website design for an Aphasia friendly website designed by people with Aphasia – DMU4 & Aphasia Leicester. The Aphasia website has been listed on the NHS Choces website:

•  2013 – Web design for the Journal of Critical Southern Studies (JCSS)

•  2012 – Development of ‘The High Street‘ – a fictitious, online virtual street used in teaching undergraduate Nursing students at DMU

•  2009 – 2011 Development of Cpulse: East Midlands – conception, design, web development, content curation, project management, events management

•  2009 Initial development of a guided listening prototype – an online educational tool for introducing listeners to soundscape composition and other forms of electroacoustic music, from a ‘listening’ perspective.

•  2008 – 2010 Voluntary work: ‘Creative Sound’ at the LOROS Hospice (Leicestershire and Rutland Organisation for the Relief of Suffering) providing immersive listening sessions for patients undergoing palliative care

•  2005 – 2007 Research and Development for the ElectroAcoustic Resource Site (EARS)

•  2003 Flash programming for experimental prototype Random Round – an interactive version of Percy Grainger’s experiment with random composition

•  2003 Sound design and Flash programming for Music of the Spheres – an interactive audio experience aimed at children – for The National Space Centre, Leicester – Science and Culture Festival (June 23rd – 29th)

•  2001 – 2009 Active involvement in ‘widening participation’ and ‘outreach’ activities in the field of music technology


Works Performed & Broadcast (aka. output) – All of Rob’s creative works are accessible online @ The Aural Initiative

•  ‘Digital Collages’ screened at Phoenix Square Film and Digital Media Centre, UK – December 2010.

•  Sonicosmotic 1. Live electronic performance at Phoenix Square Film and Digital Media Centre, UK – August 2010.

•  Photographic exhibition at Phoenix Square Film and Digital Media Centre, UK – August 2010.

•  ‘en ito cin’ – aired on Sounds and Emotions Radio Brussel FM 98.8, Brussels. October 2008

•  ‘The Adventures of Al Babaloo along the Sonic Highway’ – featured on CLKN radio, Canada. August 2008.

•  ‘everything went meta-sonic’ – aired on Sounds and Emotions Radio Brussel FM 98.8, Brussels. August 2008

•  ‘Installation#1’ – installed at the cultural eXchanges Humanities festival, De Montfort University. February 29th 2008

•  ‘sonic narcotics’ – performed as part of the MTI concert series (07-08), De Montfort University. January 16th 2008

•  ‘circles of strangers (circle 6)’ – aired on Foldover web radio, USA. October 2007

•  ‘sonic narcotics’ (part 5 & part 9) – aired on Foldover web radio, USA. November 2006

•  ‘dude in a microwave’ – performed at the Unsafe 2 festival of improvised and experimental music. Lighthouse, Poole, UK. 11th November 2006

•  ‘So now you’re strange’ – performed at SEA03, Hull University, Scarborough Campus, UK. July 6th 2003

•  ‘Bubbles’ – performed at the ‘Silent Waters’ concert, at the Film Theatre Orion, Helsinki. Finland. October 8th 2002

•  ‘esrassa’ – performed at the Music Without Walls? Music without Instruments? Conference at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. 21-23 June 2001

Compositions Published

•  ‘SN (part 5)’ on A Taste of Things to Come (CD). Cpulse Music: CPCD001. 2010

•  ‘The Bathroom Suite’ – Featured on ‘Sonic Voyages’. Compilation CD. UH Recordings Ltd. 2007

•  ‘circles of strangers (circle 3)’ – Featured on ‘MTI Bouquet of Sounds’. Compilation CD. 2007

•  ‘dude in a microwave’ – Featured on ‘UNSAFE SONIC ART’. Compilation CD. 2007


Conference/Seminar Papers and Presentations (aka. output)

•  De Montfort University Teaching and Learning Conference – September 2018 – ‘A creative approach to course design using co-creation and scenario-based approaches to teaching and learning in Midwifery’

•  East Midlands Learning Technologists seminar – Spring 2016, University of Derby.
Presentation – ‘Universal Design for Learning with Technology’ [Presentation Recording]

•  East Midlands Learning Technologists seminar – Winter 2015, De Montfort University.
Presentation – ‘The Art of Assessment’

•  De Montfort University Teaching and Learning Conference – September 2015
Joint presentation with Bernie Gregory – ‘High Street: A virtual community supporting scanrio-based teaching and learning in Nursing and Midwifery’

• De Montfort University Teaching and Learnign Conference – September 2014
Research presentation – ‘Exploring the Further Education to Higher Education transition in Creative Music Technology through the expectations and experiences of students and staff’

•  British Aphasiology Society Biennial Conference 2013, University of Manchester, UK.
Poster presentation [inclusion via project collaboration] – Bixley,M., DMU4, Hall, R., Weale, R., Collingwood, J., Marshall, F., Hamilton, C. & Bixley, B.
‘People with aphasia creating an aphasia friendly website: The DMU4 experience’ [poster]| [Aphasia website]

•  East Midlands Learning Technologist seminar – Winter 2013, De Montfort University.
Presentation – ‘Sharing Practice via Online Case Studies’

•  EMS 08 – Electroacoustic Music Studies Network Conference – Université Paris-Sorbonne & INA/GRM, June 2008
Paper – ‘Exploring our relationships with sound-based music’

•  EMS 07 – Electroacoustic Music Studies Network Conference – De Montfort University, June 2007
Paper – ‘Mapping perception across the communicative continuum as a prelude to analysis’

•  Art & Life Symposium – De Montfort University, April 24th 2007
Paper – ‘Art & Life: inside and outside the frame’

•  DRHA 06 – Digital Resources for the Humanities and the Arts – Dartington College of Arts, September 3rd – 6th 2006
Paper – ‘EARS: The ElectroAcoustic Resource Site project’

•  Premieres Rencontres Interartistiques de l’OMF – Intention et creation dans la musique d’aujourd’hui – Université de Paris IV, Sorbonne, March 22nd – 24th 2004
Paper – ‘The Intention/Reception Project: An Investigation into the Relationship Between Composer Intention and Listener Response in Electroacoustic Compositions’

•  Intention/Reception Symposium – De Montfort University, January 22nd 2004
Paper – ‘The Intention/Reception Project: Designing the Methodology’

•  SEA03 – Scarborough Electroacoustic Conference – Hull University, Scarborough Campus, July 4th – 6th 2003
Paper – ‘Measuring Intention against Reception in Electroacoustic Music’

•  Music without Walls? Music without instruments? – De Montfort University, June 21st – 23rd 2001
Vision paper – ‘Are we really creating a music without walls?’


Publications (aka. output)

•  Conboy, H., Kaur, S., Lowe, J., Pettit, I., Weale, R. (2015) Developing Digital Literacies by Bridging Skills and Pedagogy. Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education [online], Issue 8. Available at: [Accessed: March 2015]

•  Weale, R. and Landy, L. 2010. El Proyecto de Intención/Recepción y su relevancia en el campo de la producción y en el de la educación musical ( The Intention/Reception Project and Its Relevance in Music Making as Well as Education.) En El Límite. No. 1. Lanus: Universidad Nacional De Lanus: [download zipped PDF] (visited: January 2014)

•  Weale, R. 2008. Exploring our relationships with sound-based music. Proceedings: EMS08 – Electroacoustic Music Studies Network International Conference Series. EMS Network: (visited: January 2014)

•  Weale, R. 2007. Mapping perception across the communicative continuum as a prelude to analysis. Proceedings of the 2007 EMS Network Conference. Online Publication.

•  Weale, R. 2006. Discovering How Accessible Electroacoustic Music Can Be: The Intention/Reception Project. Organised Sound, Vol. 11, No. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. pp. 211-222.

•  Weale, R. 2005. The Intention/Reception Project: Investigating the Relationship Between Composer Intention and Listener Response in Electroacoustic Compositions. PhD thesis. De Montfort University, Leicester

•  Weale, R. 2005. The Intention/Reception Project: Investigating Composer Intention and Listener Response in Electroacoustic Compositions. Conférences et Séminaires Series, No. 19. Paris: Observatoire Musical Français. pp. 71-81

•  Landy, L. & Weale, R. 2003. Measuring Intention Against Reception in Electroacoustic Music. SAN (Sonic Arts Network) – Diffusion Magazine, #10, October 2003. pp. 2-6

Miscellaneous (aka. output)

May 2015 – Invited to attend the JISC Student Experience Creativity Workshop – the aim of which was to generate innovative ideas around enhancing the student experience via technology.

May 2005 & May 2006 – Panel judge for the ‘UK Skills Challenge’ (popular music category). A competition that offers groups of students the opportunity to compete against their contemporaries and showcase their musical talents. Held at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College. (visited: January 2014)



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