CMALT Portfolio – Contextual Statement

I currently work at De Montfort University (DMU) in the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT). My work involves:

  • the development and implementation of innovative approaches towards Enhancing Learning through Technology (ELT)
  • the support of academic staff in their development and effective implementation of ELT in the curriculum
  • project management and the implementation of institutional ELT projects

On a daily basis I advise academic staff on the effective use of technology for teaching and learning – for the most part on a one to one basis, or in small group sessions. This advice can be about effective practice in the use of ELT in discreet contexts relative to individual teaching and learning needs. It can also be for more large-scale strategic ends, which encompass module teams, programme teams and cross-faculty/institutional strategy.

For the majority of my professional life in HE I have been actively involved in the use of technology for enhancing teaching and learning. I have sought to conceptualise, develop and implement innovative ELT to enrich the learning experience, but also as a means of demonstrating how effective ELT can be, in the hope of catalyzing engagement with ELT. I am always excited by any opportunity to use technology creatively. My developmental approach is often experimental, at times exploring technologies that may not on the surface be pedagogically focused but that via experimentation can be ‘subverted’ to educational ends. I believe that it is important to create, facilitate and encourage participation in such experimental spaces, as it is often in these spaces where innovation occurs.

The pedagogic knowledge that informs my work with ELT is drawn from my ten years teaching experience in HE – where I have been a lecturer and post-doctoral researcher in Music, Technology and Innovation (MTI) and Creative Technologies at DMU. The intensely creative ethos of the MTI programme being a significant influence on my approach towards creative innovation in teaching through the use of technology. I have considerable expertise in the development of digital media content.

Much of my work in HE and in the field of ELT exemplifies my desire to act as an agent of change in the use of ELT.

Given the range of work that I have undertaken during my time as a learning technologist I decided to pursue a CMALT accreditation as a means of professional development. The authoring of my CMALT portfolio has afforded me the opportunity to reflect on my work in a structured manner, and thus develop a better understanding of its place and indeed its value in broader teaching and learning contexts.

I have chosen to publish my CMALT portfolio in the public domain in the hope that it may act as a catalyst for others to pursue a similarly reflective approach to their work with technology for teaching and learning; and that it may offer support and guidance to those who are actively pursuing or considering in pursuing a CMALT.