eLearning Developments

The following is a list of eLearning developments and innovations that I have conceptualised, designed, created and/or collaborated on.

Websites and online learning resource developments

nextCELT Hub
Concept, design, and lead development
An online Staff Support Hub for Enhancing Learning through Technology at De Montfort University
See: http://celt.our.dmu.ac.uk

next High Street
Design and lead development
A virtual environment to support scenario-based teaching and learning on the Nursing and Midwifery BSc programme at De Montfort University. The real version of the High Street is located in the De Montfort University VLE and hence is only accessible to De Montfort University staff.
Read more about the development of High Street

next EARS (ElectroAcoustic Resource Site)
Content development
The ElectroAcoustic Resource Site provides resources for those wishing to conduct research in the area of electroacoustic music studies. EARS takes the form of a structured Internet portal supported by extensive bibliographical tools.
See: http://www.ears.dmu.ac.uk

next EARS 2
Guided listening original concept and content development

Guided listening was developed as an online educational tool for introducing listeners to soundscape composition and other forms of electroacoustic music, from a ‘listening’ perspective. The following are three examples of guided listening videos:
Woodland Soundwalk
Log Cabin
Deep Pockets

See: http://ears2.dmu.ac.uk/

next Multimedia Pathway Widget
Concept, design, development and online implementation (some elements developed in collaboration with Ian Pettit (CELT))

The Multimedia Production Pathway was developed to support academic teaching staff at De Montfort University. Built in Adobe Flash it provides recommended pathways when considering the production of multimedia (audio, video) teaching and learning resources. Based on a series of choices that you select – the pathway will indicate what technology you will need to use, present step-by-step guidelines on how to use this technology, and make recommendations on various hosting options depending on who the end resource is to be made available for.
Launch the widget

next Nursing scenario-based learning object (prototype)
Development, design and online implementation

A prototype web-based learning object which presents the user with a scenario concerning the emergency treatment of a burns patient. At various points the user must make decisions about the next course of action and the scenario changes, based on the choices made by the user.

See: aural-initiative.com/scenarios/EmergencyRoom/EmergencyRoom.html

Scenario script authored by Shona Green. Resource inspired by the trauma moulages at: Trauma.org

Some other web-based developments of interest

next An Aphasia friendly website designed by people with Aphasia
Collaborative development, online implementation, training in the use of the website CMS

The Aphasia website was conceptualised by Morag Bixley (DMU – SALT) and was developed in collaboration with the DMU4 & Aphasia Leicester groups.

See: http://aphasia.our.dmu.ac.uk/

next Online Journal
Collaborative development, online implementation, training in the use of the website CMS

The Journal of Critical Southern Studies (JCSS) was conceptualised by Momodou Sallah (DMU – Youth and Community Development).

See: http://jcss.our.dmu.ac.uk/

nextUniversal Design for Learning Web Resource
Concept, design, development
An online resource to support the academic implementation of Universal Design for Learning via technology.

See: http://celt.our.dmu.ac.uk/elt-and-udl/

next HLS new staff online eLearning induction information
Concept, design, development

See: http://hlselt.our.dmu.ac.uk/enhancing-learning-through-technology-elt-induction-for-new-hls-staff/

nextHealth and Life Sciences Placement Hub
Collaborative development, online implementation, training in the use of the website CMS

A web-based information resource for Health and Life Sciences placement providers and students.

See: http://placementhub.our.dmu.ac.uk/