CMALT Portfolio – Future Plans

The authoring of my CMALT portfolio has afforded me the opportunity to reflect on my work in a structured manner, and thus develop a better understanding of its place and indeed its value in broader teaching and learning contexts.

A fundamental influence that authoring my CMALT portfolio has had on my future plans has been to take more time to reflect on my work and evaluate its effectiveness. My hope is that out of this reflection will emerge opportunities to write more about my experiences as a learning technologist, as a means of sharing my experiences with my colleagues, fellow learning technologists, and the broader education sector. To be a more vocal advocate of ELT and continue to act as an agent of change.

I have taken the decision to re-evaluate some of my staff development workshops to give a little less focus on the nuts and bolts approach of ‘how to use technology’ and more focus to the pedagogic reasons. To this end my sessions will include more examples of the use of certain technologies in practice, both at DMU and beyond and will also contain more references to published research that has effectively demonstrated the benefits of the implementation technology for teaching and learning.

Part of this re-evaluation is to create an online repository of research-based evidence detailing the pedagogic value of certain technological interventions, relative to all of the staff development workshops that our team (CELT) delivers. This repository will act as a reference resource for my CELT colleagues and contribute to the resiliency of support from across our team. Such that we are all aware of and have access to evidence that demonstrates where a particular technology does indeed enhance teaching and/or learning. We can also signpost this repository to academic staff as a resource they may wish to access when independently exploring ELT.

Having enjoyed the experience of authoring this portfolio and realising the effectiveness of this type of reflective approach, I hope to become a CMALT assessor myself.

I will also be exploring the possibility of utilising aspects of my CMALT portfolio to support a Higher Education Authority (HEA) Fellowship application.